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    RT1500 Peddiblast

    The Peddinghuas Blaster comes in a variety of size configurations with the most popular being the 1500mm wide by 600mm tal. This configuration allows for multiple steel sections to be blasted at the same time spread over the 1500mm wide roller conveyors. The Sensor at the entry to the blaster recognises the the material height and adjusts the Bruch system to remove excess shot, keeping the as a cloud loop. Sequential activation of the 4 high efficiency turbines reduces power load, while maintaining the highest quality blast of steel parts. The Single Disc turbines use less power and have less moving parts that other blasters providing the lowest operational costs for cleaning steel. The aurger at the bottom of the blaster collects the blast media and transports to the bucket elevator. The elevator ten transports the media to the wind separator to remove particulates from the shot. The particulates are collected in a container at the base of the machine for easy removal. The Peddinghaus Peddiblaster is dynamic in the profiles able to be cleaned, but is most recognised for the low cost and ease of operation. The Peddiblaster can be a standalone unit or incorporated into existing production lines pre or post Processing. Working with clean steel at the Fit and weld stations promotes a clean workshop as well as reducing the labour

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