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    The factory of the future is now. The Peddinghaus Peddiassembler is the key to low cost manufacturing for Structural steel. Scanned Parts and Connection plates are taken and Welded in the same cell. Automation and quality assurance with reduced cost of operation is the key features of the Peddinghaus Peddiassembler. The Peddiassembler system scans the plate connection and the profile before lifting and fitting in place. The second robot arm then tacks the heavy parts in place before completing the weld sequence.

    It is easy to understand the factory of the future when most industries already use this technology. It is now available for the Structural Steel industry through development of design and automation in the programming and scanning of the model and parts.

    Remove the bottlenecks and increase the productivity of your workforce with the most advanced fabrication tool. The Peddinghaus Peddiassembler.

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