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    Ocean Machinery Challenger

    Robot welding for Structural steel has been available for more than 20 years. But has never been more favourable for our industry than it is today with the Ocean Challenger Robotic Welding cell. The development of the automated programming for structural steel components is a revolution because it requires NO MANUAL PROGRAMING OR JIGS. The Ocean Challenger is a “No Brainer” for the modern Structural fabricator. Pre tacked components are loaded in to the automatic rotators while selecting the member from the menu. The welding process is then automatic and without intervention from the operator. Once the weld cycle is completed the parts are unloaded and the new member is loaded. The key to the equipment is the Software which removes the need for human programming. The Cortex software runs simulations choosing the best path for welding. Finding qualified welders is hard in todays society, We all wants robot quality and productivity. Well now the technology is available and more importantly affordable.

    Condense your workshop, automate the long tedious profiles and make more gains in profitability with The Ocean Challenger Robot in your workshop today.

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