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    Zeman – Robotic plate sorting and delivery

    Being competitive in Steel Fabrication is about reducing man hours per tonne. Doing the job for a competitive price while providing high quality product. We all purchase Steel at the same price, we are all selling steel at the same price, the only true variable is the amount of labour we attribute to each job. A lot of Fabrication businesses outsource as much of the work as possible to mitigate risk and reduce labour, but again this just levels the playing field for local competition.  We are playing more and more into a Globally competitive market…

    So we are always chasing cheap labour in an environment where labour costs are always increasing.

    Impact Machinery believes the best solution is good people and providing them with the best tools.

    The ZEMAN Steel Plate Sorter, SPS,  is the only tool for Fabrication where plate is managed, QC’d, stored and delivered to the right place/person at the right time.

    So you need to have the Steel Plates for Clips, Cleats,  Stiffners, Base Plates, at the fitting and welding point at the right time. What’s more, these plates need to be correct. The Zeman SPS system is created to provide the quality assurance and delivery of the right parts to the weld station at the right time, wether manual fitting or by robotic means, the SPS system is the core of profitable steel fabrication.

    ask us about how the Zeman SPS system can sort plates and profits for your fab shop or steel plate processing centre.

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