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    Miscellaneous metal Fabrication such as Handrails, Stairs, domestic steel, clips, cleats and bollards has always been a labour intensive market. Winning the work is easy. Finding the skilled people to work the steel is the hard part. HGG have developed the Roborail to simplify the Misc Metal manufacturing.

    Weather you are working with Channels, Angles, Flats, Pipe, RHS, SHS or Tube, the Roborail is the ideal machine for the Misc market manufacturing, This all in one processing centre comprises of a clamp and rotating infeed system for Automated Robotic plasma torch. Bolt Holes, Cut to Length, Copes, Preps, Layout marking is all completed in the one cell. Offloading of completed parts is efficient and fast with the side discharge table.

    The patented HGG profiling software allows you to Crete and Develop both simple and complex parts direct from the 3D drawing or at the machine console fast and efficiently.
    The real value here is the ability to work som many small and difficult profiles on the one machine.

    Take your skilled staff to the next level in production and quality work machine with the only tool suitable for such a diverse market. The HGG Roborail is the answer.

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