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    Peddinghaus PeddiWriter

    Every Manufacture and producer is chasing the same thing, reducing the NVAA (Non Value Added Activities). And what is the most common NVAA for Steel Fabrication, the Measuring tape. The Peddinghaus Peddiwriter is the Star of the Accountant in its ability to completely remove the Tape measure form manufacturing. The Peddiwriters sole task is to provide 4 Sxis layout marks to the profile. The location of every wedled Connection, part number, Weld Symbol and more is effortlessly attributes to the profile with the Peddinghaus Peddiwrtiter. TWO Plasma Arc Writers burn the information on the steel member. With Accuracy and repeatability with the information delivered directly from the 3D model. No need for the Tape measure, no need for the Soap stone, no need for double checking. Every paint with CNC precision and accuracy time after time. Consumables cost per year is less than $1,000. Blast before or after the peddiwriter, Non problem. The layout marks can be seen clearly on surface material straight from the merchant and both pre and post blasting. Even oif you have your local Steel merchant provide the cut and drilled material to your workshop you still need to pay the most expensive labor in your shop to measure and dra on the steel. Reduce time, reduce labour, reduce errors, reduce wasted profits in your shop today with the Peddinghaus Peddiwriter.

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