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    Peddibot 1250

    The Peddibot 1250 is the highest automation cell for coping solutions from Peddinghaus. The PB1250 has 3 automatic interchangeable torches completing, plasma Cutting, Oxfuel cutting for the thicker materials and plasma arc writing foe the layout and identification of all part numbers and locations of welded attachments.

    The Peddibot 1250 also has a comprehensive scanning system meaning profiles to the micro level for calculating the perfect tool offset. This systematic scanning for the Robot provides the highest quality cuts while maintaining the highest level of productivity.

    Part programming is made possible with direct download from the Tekla model incorporating all the relevant part and connection information. The modular material handling provides and highest level in productivity through staging and storing raw and completed parts quickly and safely.

    The Peddibot 1250 is the dynamic solution for your manufacturing facility. The revolutionary 3D scabbing system is ultra fast and provides a micro level san of the profile enabling the most precision offset of the plasma head to maximise the quality of the hole, Cut, Cope, weld prep. Combined with the tool change system, the robotic arm can change the tool from a Ultra high definition plasma, to an Oxo fuel for jumbo beams and a dedicated plasma arc writing head. Auto ejection of the trim cuts, offset and small parts mean their is virtually no manual labour. Coupled with the reverse, clamp for working the tail end of the stock, prison and flexibility ion obtained without the need to manual clamp of support small parts and sections. Peddinghaus Peddibot 1250 is the “HD” of Plasma Profiling.

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