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    Peddibot 1100

    The Peddibot 1100 in partnership with Lincoln, is the new age in Robotic Plasma profiling for 3D components. The Single Robotic, multi axis cell, incorporates and latest sensoring technology to the highest quality parts for the structural Steel industry, The narrow torch body incased in the torch up gets into the corners of the web to provide a continuance of the cut without compromise. Bolt Holes, Cut-to -length, Copes, Weld Preps and most importantly the layout for welded attachments is all completed on the multifunctional single torch system. Incorporated into the cell is the fume extraction and filtration system, plasma Generator and operators 3D interface. Couple with the high efficient material handling system for staging on the infeed and outfeed side of the robot cell. The Peddibot 1100 is the latest development from Peddinghaus and provides the most cost effective solution for time and space in the Fabrication workshop. Beams, Columns, Channels, plate, Pipe, RHS, Angle are all easily processed in the peddibot 1100 Robot coping cell, making it the best choice for the structural and miscellaneous Steel Fabricator.

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