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    Ocean Blaster

    The Ocean Blaster is a Super compact Steel Shot Blasting cell developed for the high Production environment with limited overhead space. The Ocean Blaster incorporates a double bucket elevator to bring the shot to the Wind sifter to clean out particulates and gravity feed the Shot into Single Disc high efficiency turbines. The High Efficiency turbines have less parts and greater electrical energy to accelerate the media into a focus spray of material. The Ocean Blaster has 4 turbines strategically situated above and below the profiles to generate a true covering of the materials being blasted. The finish can be dial from a “whip Blast” to an all white finish. The Material infeed recognises the leading edge of the materials and sequentially turns on the turns to reduce power spike. The air nozzles keep the media in the cell and the concentrated filtration system is a closed loop, ensuring the air quality around the machine is maintained to the highest quality. The Ocean Blaster is built from high wearing steel deflection plates and the entire enclosed canopy. This ensures longevity of the equipment. Optional Material handling systems can be incorporated for loading and unloading of pre and post blast parts.

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