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    MEBA Alpha 7+ (410DGA)

    The Alpha 7+ Double Mitre, Dual Colum Bandsaw has all the features of the Alpha 7 with the added Automation and accuracy of a shuttle feed measuring system. Touch panel control allows for easy programing of parts in sequence with the option of offline nesting of parts. Processing multiple pieces in sequence with the dynamic gripper feed system is much easier when the clamp offsets the material on both sides, not just the non datum side. The Gripper feed also has the accuracy in multiple part nesting accounting for the Kerf width change on multiple mitre cuts. No need to reset the machine after each cut.

    Lets reiterate that point because it is unique in bandsaws. The Alpha 7+ accounts for the different cutting widths (Kerf) when feeding material with multiple different angles. Smart Saw, that is also fast and efficient!

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