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    BeamMaster Weld

    Ultra high production for Robotic Welding for Structural and Miscellaneous steel fabrication is NOW available. NO Manual Programming, No need for university graduate programmers. The AGT Beammaster is the ultimate tool for Welding structural Steel members.

    Automatic programming direct from the 3D model is the key to the success of the Beammaster Weld. Upload the model and let the simulation software generate it own tool paths, before loading the pre taken parts to be welded. The Robot verifies the location of the parts with a unique 3D scanner before completing the weld sequence. Repeatability, Volume and most importantly Quality Assurance are all done via the AGT Beammaster twin robotic welding cell for Structural steel. Options include single Robotic or multirobot combinations.

    Adopt robotic technology without the need for manual programming with the AGT Beammaster now.

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