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    AGT LayoutMaster

    The task of Reading a drawing and transferring the information from paper or screen, to steel is the most expensive process in the steel shop. We all want the information to just be projected from the computer screen directly on the material in front of us. Well that is exactly what the Layout master does. A huge, accurate, 3D projection of the drawing directly onto the material. Beam has some sweep?, material not straight?, multiple layers? The AGT LayoutMaster adapts to the environment and most importantly the steel you are working with. The information you want is presented right on the trestle in front of the Fitter/Welder. It does not get much simpler than this. Accuracy, speed and efficiency are the key attributes of the AGT layoutMaster. Look closely, this is the money maker for every steel shop. Less labour, increased production and accuracy, everyone wins.

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