Peddinghaus Set to Unleash the Sub X on North America and the World

Peddinghau Corporation has been busy over the covid years defining the new age of Steel Processing with the new PeddiSub X Beamline. The New Sub X is set to be released at this years NASCC in North America and will redefine what a Beamline is. The Peddi-Sub X is a true ALL_IN_ONE processing centre capable of Drilling, Milling and Marking material much faster and with much greater quality than anything else on the market. Multiple axis operation is not new, but the speed and concurrent operation or different technologies on each axis most certainly is. Speed, clamping & revolutionary design allow the machine to remove metal and carve out the sections in a way that leaves little left for the Fabricator to for fill manually. The Peddisub X is the machine that will set the standard for the Fabrication Facility of the Future. Beginning to end, Peddinghaus have set a new standard in operation and quality of completed parts, that will leave us aghast and a little envious of what our shops could accomplish with lower cost high speed production.