Peddinghaus ABCM-1250

Oxy-Fuel Cutting, Roller Measurement

HOW DOES THE ABCM COMPARE TO TYPICAL ROBOTIC PLASMA COPERS? Although plasma is undeniably the faster cutting solution, the triple torch design of the ABCM oxy-fuel coper allows for the cutting of two flanges simultaneously. This means flange thins are performed on both top and bottom flanges at the same time, weld prep is generated concurrently, and operating costs are minimised due to the machine's low power requirement. In addition there is no need for a dust extraction unit and consumable costs are considerably lower when compared to plasma. In addition to this, there is no tedious torch probe process associated with robotic copers, and the narrow diameter of the oxy-fuel torch allows for tighter cutting against flanges, tipping the scales in favour of the ABCM-1250.