Peddinghaus Ring of Fire

Plasma Cutting, Roller Measurement, Layout Marking

In the world of fabrication there is no such thing as 'one size fits all' equipment. Each machine has an ideal application, and for each Fabricator there is an ideal machine. It's easy to see why a fabricator would be intrigued by the ability to process all items on one machine, when it comes to plasma there are things to consider before knowing that it is the ideal solution for your shop's production, now and into the future. The Ring of Fire is ideally suited in three types of facilities: Fabricators with existing equipment in place Manufacturers that deal with a wide variety of unique production requirements Fabricators that require high volumes of tube production A plasma coper easily alleviates additional material handling, and can do far more than just create holes as coping and cutting are also achieved on a single machine. A wide array of parts can be processed - from clip angles to columns in a single pass, with no changing of fixtures, and no additional software patches or upgrades.


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