Peddinghaus HSFDB-B

Drilling, Plasma Cutting, Oxy-Fuel Cutting, Scribing, Countersinking, Milling, Tapping

Sophisticated material handling, carbide drilling technology, and the absolute latest in plasma cutting techniques make the HSFDB the most modern plate processor in the world today. Multiple parts cut in a single pass - this is the philosophy behind "common cutline" production. A Peddinghaus plate processor can eliminate redundant torch starts using a single start to cut an array of components within a nest. Eliminating the need to maintain scrap between each part, the Peddinghaus plate processor can cut entire zones in a single start, while also utilising an impressive amount of material; providing lower scrap ratios than any machine on the market today. Powerful drilling technology, unmatched material handling efficiency, and superior design make the HSFDB the competitive edge of fabricators all over the globe. When it comes to speed the HSFDB is not just faster part per part, it's faster throughout the entire production process. Fabricators commonly indicate production figures from 1-2 tons per hour depending on the type of plate and parts they are running with the HSFDB.


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