Peddinghaus PCD-1100/3B - Advantage

Drilling, Scribing, Roller Measurement, Hard Stamp

The PCD-1100/3B Beam Drill Line is simplicity at its best. The Advantage drill line uses high speed steel tooling to produce processed structural steel members for the lowest cost per hole: From RHS/SHS tubing to Angle Iron and Channels, the PCD-1100/3B ADVANTAGE Drill line will quickly and accurately deliver processed steel for your shop: The ADVANTAGE Drill line from Peddinghaus is affordable, durable and fast. Small Shop or Big shop, the ADVANTAGE Drill line can fit into the most condensed Fabrication shops. Peddinghaus Drill Lines are modular and can be easily added to exisiting production lines or become the basis for future expansion and development. Peddinghaus measurement systems eliminates the need for a separate carriage or gripper feed mechanism, allowing for total layout flexibility.


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