Peddinghaus PCD-1100/3C - Advantage 2

Drilling, Scribing, Countersinking, Tapping, Roller Measurement, Milling

As a fabricator you want to thrive in todays competitive market with fast production. Do it faster than your competition with reduced "Man hours per Tonne". The Advantage 2 drill lines processes your steel faster and smarter than ever before, with the delivery of superior drilling performance. And all backed by Peddinghaus's world famous 24/7 Service. The Strongest Machines in the global Market have always been Peddinghaus Machines. The Advantage 2 Drill lines lives up to this reputation with its powerful engineering and high quality components. When you need Drilling-Tapping-Layout marking-Slotting-Milling-Countersinking, you need Peddinghaus.


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