Peddinghaus Peddi XDM-630

Drilling, Scribing, Countersinking, Milling, Tapping, Roller Measurement, Miter Cut Saw

Designed especially for profiles up to 610mm which Fabricators work with every day, the PEDDI XDM provides Drilling, Slotting, Milling, 4-axis Scibing, tapping, counter sinking and cutting with a built in Double miter bandsaw. The PEDDI XDM is a highly productive and space saving workhorse designed with the Small to Medium fabricator in mind. The Peddinghaus XDM also utilises the new "PeddiMatic" fully automatic technology. With the PeddiMatic system, the Fabrication equipment will run without an operator. Simply load the conveyors and monitor the production through systems operations.


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