Peddinghaus PeddiWriter

Layout Marking, Roller Measurement

As the steel construction industry continues to evolve, Peddinghaus develop new ways to reduce costs , and increase our customers' profitability. As a result the all new PeddiWriter CNC layout machine was born. The PeddiWriter isn't just about world class electronics or clever mechanical design, its about providing the absolute latest in labour saving technology to the global marketplace. The first of its kind, the PeddiWriter has achieved unprecedented success beginning at the very first installation. The Peddiwriter removes the laborious manual layout marking of steel sections and replaces this process with fully automated mechanical marking with synchronous twin torches. This reduction in labour costs is the paradigm shift, Steel Fabricators are looking for in todays market. In sync with your current equipment or process subcontracted work from your Steel Distributor, with the all new Peddiwriter 4 Axis marking system from Peddinghaus.


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